How To Draw Umbrella Pictures | Umbrella Step By Step Drawing Lessons

A quick and easy how to draw umbrella drawing lesson for kids. Easily learn to draw umbrella in few simple steps with our tutorial. Add extra creativity into the lesson with your imagination and add your own details to the umbrella.

    Umbrella is an object that helps you protect from the rain. Kids love using umbrellas. They love being inside this simple object and have fun.

    They also love drawing umbrellas and paint them with flowers and cute pictures. Use this umbrella drawing lesson to teach your kids draw their favourite umbrella.

    Kids and beginners can now draw a cute umbrella. Just follow the simple steps given here.

    Start of drawing a horizontal line. Add a semi circle over it.

    Decorate the drawn semicircle with your pattern. Here it is decorated with waves.

    Draw two vertical parallel lines for handle. Add 'U' shaped at the end as show. Your umbrella drawing is now finished. Color it as you wish and have fun.

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