How To Draw Banana Pictures | Banana Step by Step Drawing Lessons

Learn here how to draw banana the sweet ripened fruit which is rich in vitamins and minerals. This step by step drawing lesson will helps kids in drawing their bananas in a simple and easier way. Just follow the instructions as given.

    Bananas are one common fruit that is available all over the world. It is an instant energy booster.

    The classic yellow fruit is rich in potassium that boost your energy level. Good for digestion and gives you strong bones and good eyesight.

    Learn drawing bananas with this simple step by step tutorial. Amaze your friends and family with your banana art.

    Start by drawing some curvy lines parallel to each other. Add a thin rounded rectangle to be the stem at the top.

    Add two more parallel curves and a thin line in the middle of each banana to make it look more realistic.

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